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Cheshire Tree Surgeons

We sell Hud-Son bandsaws and offer service backup to any buyers in the north of England. We can also get other tools at significantly less than RRP. Send us a list of your requirements for a competitive quote.

Right now the prices of Hud-Son are amazing. We can supply a static on easily moved ground tracks that has a 28" throat for only £3,350 + VAT and a 36" throat road trailer machine is an equally amazing £7,550 + VAT.

 Contact sales@craftwoods.co.uk or phone 01565 621234 or 07795 314202.

Hudson-1.jpg   frame.jpg 

The Hud-Son is a robust but no frills design. I particularly like the ease of access to maintain the machine and the way that the trailer version (at only 475Kg) tows so easily.

I am sure that tree contractors will be interested as will anybody managing a small to medium sized woodland.

Then we offer the opportunity for people who convert timber to take a page on this website on which they can easily place images, a title and then a detailed description which would include a cutting list and most importantly, a price. In that way their stock will be shown to the timber utilising people who can then arrange to buy and utilise this natural resource.

Converting timber is one thing, finding the people who will appreciate it, buy it and use it in the best way possible is quite another. This website and the functionality behind its design has been long in development, as has our stock of air dried timber and beams.